Digital Transformation in telecommunications – an expert-interview

Since 2014, Carsten Stuwe is working for ec4u expert consulting ag as a consultant in the field of Oracle/Siebel. We asked him some questions about Digital Transformation in telecommunications projects.

Touchpoints and channels: know the difference

To create the perfect customer journey, you need to define, identify and structure all necessary elements. Especially touchpoints and channels are crucial but tend to get mixed up when it comes to customer journey mapping.

ec4u study about Customer Journey Management in German companies

What is the status quo regarding customer journey management (CJM) in German companies? We asked 188 experts and leaders from companies across all industries. The result: CJM is relevant but not yet a priority.

Customer Journey Management: More Than Just Touchpoints

When I talk with marketing experts about  customer journey management, I often get to hear that it is nothing more than just another word for CRM (customer relationship management). They couldn’t be more wrong. CRM is dependent on the touch points between the company and the customer. At the touch points, the customer needs to […]

Green turns blue – from Lead Management to Customer Journey

This is an exciting time for our organization. After 12 years of consulting companies regarding lead management and marketing automation, we felt it was time to reconsider our service offering and positioning by evaluating and categorizing current trends and topics. This went hand in hand last year with our partnership with ec4u expert consulting ag […]