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Uplift Modeling – Next Level Customer Communication

You are working hard to provide your customers with relevant information. The response rate of your marketing activities is largely positive and the ROI meets the expectations of the management. So, everything’s fine? No, not necessarily. Presumably, you are giving away valuable potential in customer communication. Have you ever thought about the fact that some …


Banks vs. FinTechs – Digital Transformation in the Banking Sector

One of our earlier blog entries already illustrated why German banks stumble in the face of digitization. Their long existing traditional structures and processes don’t really fit into the modern world of the far digitized customer. Quite contrary to the offerings of FinTechs (an expression combining the terms “financial services” and “technology”), for whom an …


The “Moment that Matters” along the Customer Journey

When attending a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop  recently, I learned a very interesting and revealing lesson: not every touchpoint is equal and not every touchpoint has the same relevance for individual customers. These kind of workshops outline, analyze and in the end try to optimize an exemplary customer journey of a client.


Eloqua A/B Testing for your e-mail campaigns

Email marketing remains until today one of the most important media for providing customers with content and getting in touch with them. Striving for optimized email campaigns is omnipresent, and collecting best practices is a constant effort to boost marketing ROI. But when asking ourselves what the email recipient is really interested in, we are …


What really matters in lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing is the supreme discipline of modern lead management. That’s why we have released numerous blogs on this topic, focusing on the basic principles: What is lead nurturing? What types of nurture emails are there? What are the goals? Today, we would like to go a little deeper and address the challenges and questions …