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‚Big Data‘ is one of the buzzwords of the information age. But instead of going big, you have to go smart. Only if you know how to use which data sets, you can acquire actual knowledge. Use customer and business data to gain more profit, create personal customer experiences and make the right decisions for your campaigns, processes and strategies.

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– Get to know the difference between existing analytics-models and hear the definition of business intelligence (BI) by one of our analytics experts. Find out, what you can achieve by using the right data. What is possible with data analytics and what is wishful thinking?

– Find out how you can use uplift modeling to reach the exact right customers with your campaigns (and save a lot of resources on the way).

Interested in a long read? Our whitepaper on uplift modeling might be the perfect solution for that awfully long train ride or the awkward moment when you arrived too early to your appointment.

Predictive, descriptive or prescriptive analytics, business intelligence reporting or the right tools to know your way around your data – ec4u and its experts offer you consulting for your customer analytics and business intelligence needs.

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More and more companies decide to implement a CRM system. But proper customer relationship management needs a software that can do it all.

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Find out what the Marketing trends 2019 are and why they matter for your company.

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new year

Our experts present the big topics of 2019 and why they matter for your company.

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Artificial intelligence is part of our daily routines, whether it’s our Google search or our purchases on Amazon. AI technologies are often combined with our experiences as users and/or customers. But what impact do AI innovations have on companies?

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Guest author: Dr. Michael Ziegler What helps the customer not always helps the company. High return rates, for example, can hurt revenue and can be quite elaborate in handling. Our analytics expert Dr. Michael Ziegler explains, what companies can do to reduce return rates without limiting the customer’s experience.

Man at window, title: predictive marketing automation part 1

In his previous interview, Mario Pufahl, CSO at ec4u, talked about cloud-based CRM and how it can help sales processes. Today, we talk about predictice analytics and marketing automation and what it means (or can mean) for sales and customers. 

what trends 2018 do our experts predict?

Which trends had an impact on marketing, sales and service circles and touched customer journey management as well as digitalization? And which trend could be a force to be reckoned with this year? Our experts across different business units, teams and fields of expertise opened up about the big trends of 2017 and what’s to …

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A marketing dahsboard helps to align marketing and sales activities

(Co-author: Bhagat Ransi) According to, every second company uses marketing automation. But without the proper link to other customer related systems, the full potential of marketing automation will stay hidden.

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up- and cross-selling helps your customers with their shopping decisions

Cross- and up-selling methods offer customers additional products or products of a higher quality before a purchase. But not every customer enjoys product recommendations at all times.

How much personalization is too much?

With his master thesis, our consultant Tobias Klumpp looked at the balancing act between personalized communication and the customer’s comfort level concerning privacy. In this blog entry, he asks the question: where do our customers draw the line and what can we do about it?