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‚Big Data‘ is one of the buzzwords of the information age. But instead of going big, you have to go smart. Only if you know how to use which data sets, you can acquire actual knowledge. Use customer and business data to gain more profit, create personal customer experiences and make the right decisions for your campaigns, processes and strategies.

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– Get to know the difference between existing analytics-models and hear the definition of business intelligence (BI) by one of our analytics experts. Find out, what you can achieve by using the right data. What is possible with data analytics and what is wishful thinking?

– Find out how you can use uplift modeling to reach the exact right customers with your campaigns (and save a lot of resources on the way).

Interested in a long read? Our whitepaper on uplift modeling might be the perfect solution for that awfully long train ride or the awkward moment when you arrived too early to your appointment.

Predictive, descriptive or prescriptive analytics, business intelligence reporting or the right tools to know your way around your data – ec4u and its experts offer you consulting for your customer analytics and business intelligence needs.

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Uplift Modeling

You are working hard to provide your customers with relevant information. The response rate of your marketing activities is largely positive and the ROI meets the expectations of the management. So, everything’s fine? No, not necessarily. Presumably, you are giving away valuable potential in customer communication. Have you ever thought about the fact that some …

Alexander Beck is Managing Consultant at ec4u and responsible for data science and predictive analytics with a strong focus on customer analytics. We asked him some questions about this topic.

Customer analytics: get to know your customers better

Anyone who thinks that data is the currency of the 21st century, will certainly also believe that the famous hay stack is as valuable as the needle – it all depends on the concentration of what can be filtered out of the data.

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Last week the Marketing Nation Summit 2015 – one of the world’s largest marketing events – was held in California.  More than 7.000 people were pouring into the event this year, compared to only 1.500 visitors two years ago. This rapid increase indicates how relevant the latest technologies and integrated processes have become for marketing.

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