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Customer experience is a growing sector within the digital transformation and rightly so. Customers don’t depend on a company’s marketing and sales information anymore, but can inform themselves and move freely through the customer lifecycle (at their own pace). Furthermore, they can compare products and companies with a quick search on Google.

To avoid higher churn from your leads and customers and keep your customers happy, you have to focus all customer-related areas in your company towards the customer’s needs.

The ec4u blog informs

– Find out why touchpoints don’t just mark the buying phase of your customers but also influence your relationship with them.

– Best practices on customer experience-strategies, examples from your customer’s daily life and customer psychology to really find out what your customers want.

– Why digitalization alone is not enough to create customer experiences that amaze.

Find out how customer journey management helps you elevate customer experience, connects marketing, sales and services and uses digital tools to optimize processes.

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KPI Conversion Rate: Definition, Use and Optimization

To measure how successful campaigns and strategies really are, you need numbers. The conversion rate is one of those numbers and especially important in any marketing team.

Different generations have different expectations for their customer experience

Digitalization: bridging the gap between generations

What do you do if one half of your customers still uses the fax machine and the other prefers doing business only via their smartphone? More and more studies prove that old and young generations have different demands for a perfect customer journey – but how should companies accommodate both?  

Retention strategies create loyal bonds with your customers

Customer loyalty: why retention is important

A while ago, a German “Marketing expert” embarrassed himself by writing about his secret trick to gain more followers on Facebook. His solution: simply buy a few hundred thousand followers, after all, they hardly cost anything.

Telecommunication industry: don't forget your customers

Telecommunications: Customer experience needs to be a priority

A new study by the consulting firm Price Waterhouse Cooper shows that CEOs in the telecommunications industry are optimistic. However, for their future plans what fields should be optimized and worked on, customer experience plays a surprisingly small role.

How much personalization is too much?

Personalization vs. Privacy: what you can and can’t do with Big Data

With his master thesis, our consultant Tobias Klumpp looked at the balancing act between personalized communication and the customer’s comfort level concerning privacy. In this blog entry, he asks the question: where do our customers draw the line and what can we do about it?

e-commerce needs to offer relevant channels at all times

Changes within E-Commerce – an interview

Torsten Ücker’s working focus at the moment is E-Commerce. Since 2003 he has been with ec4u expert consulting ag and has already worked in the field of Customer Relationship Management before. Meanwhile, he was working on many projects with different companies and in doing so he had the chance to get to know many diverse […]

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Telecommunications – an interview

Ralf Kalmes is Director Professional Services at ec4u expert consulting ag and responsible for the telecommunications business. He has been with ec4u for 11 years already. We asked him some questions about this topic.

Amazon delivery mascot

Amazon Dash Button restricts the Customer Experience

We often hear that the classic “brand awareness” is history and that modern companies should focus on the customer rather than the product. But is that right?

Wooden ducks in a queue

Optimizing the Customer Journey in an Example of a Supermarket Queue

Whether you do your weekly grocery shopping or go on the daily hunt for fresh fruit and vegetables, or simply need a beverage for a trip – eventually, everyone ends up in the supermarket queue. And the only thing to do there is: waiting.

customer journey management

Customer Journey Management: More Than Just Touchpoints

When I talk with marketing experts about  customer journey management, I often get to hear that it is nothing more than just another word for CRM (customer relationship management). They couldn’t be more wrong. CRM is dependent on the touch points between the company and the customer. At the touch points, the customer needs to […]