Work on your Customer Experience

Customer experience is a growing sector within the digital transformation and rightly so. Customers don’t depend on a company’s marketing and sales information anymore, but can inform themselves and move freely through the customer lifecycle (at their own pace). Furthermore, they can compare products and companies with a quick search on Google.

To avoid higher churn from your leads and customers and keep your customers happy, you have to focus all customer-related areas in your company towards the customer’s needs.

The ec4u blog informs

– Find out why touchpoints don’t just mark the buying phase of your customers but also influence your relationship with them.

– Best practices on customer experience-strategies, examples from your customer’s daily life and customer psychology to really find out what your customers want.

– Why digitalization alone is not enough to create customer experiences that amaze.

Find out more about customer-centricity within your company and how to successfully implement it in all aspects of your marketing, sales and service processes.

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four cups of coffees with a different amount of milk in each creating a color palette

A/B testing can help marketers optimize content and increase conversion rates. However, there are a few things to consider when conducting an A/B test.

Effizient Kanäle verschmelzenUnified Commerce

Consumers expect emotionality, simplicity and personalization when they shop. But how can retailers meet these expectations in a market that is constantly changing e.g., due to the Corona pandemic? As our guest authors Frank Müller and Milos Kuhn explain, the key lies in the efficient merging of sales channels (unified commerce).

Woman uses chatbots

To gain real value from chatbots, companies need to consider what website visitors would need/want from a chatbot and how to provide this service.

a person with building blocks that create a light bulb

The numerous changes caused by the pandemic have hit the B2B market just like every other area of business. But what does it mean for companies and their customer relationship management?

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an award with confetti coming out

Loyalty programs motivate customers to engage more often with a company. But what can companies offer customers in these programs to build trust and retention?

an empty waiting room

When customers have a question or a problem, they want a personalized approach and relevant help. Above all, they want a quick solution – something customer service doesn’t always offer.

Miniature shopping carts in a row

My Amazon shopping cart is my notepad, my wish list and my shopping list all at once – and I’m not alone. But what do studies say about shopping cart usage patterns in eCommerce and what do retailers need to keep in mind to avoid the dreaded shopping cart abandonment?

2021 with the 0 being a light bulb

It is an annual tradition to ask among my colleagues what (digital) trends they see for the coming year. For the trends 2021, I collected a diverse mix from eCommerce optimism to useful office apps.

voice option on a smartphone

When it comes to technologies that can potentially turn customer behavior and marketing upside down, voice search and voice assistants are at the top of the list. But what exactly do we know about user behavior and handling of language assistants?

Jumping measure

Benchmarks are popular tools to adapt and optimize processes, systems and methods. What are other companies doing, what are current trends and what works? But if you lose sight of your own customer base and only concentrate on benchmarks, you might get lost in the hype.