Customer Service – more than just a call center

Customer service and/or support is one of the staples of a positive customer experience. But many companies usually rather react than act proactively and therefore lose customers who don’t want to be stuck in a call center-holding pattern.

The ec4u blog informs

– How new business models can reduce customer choice and diminish the experience despite innovation.

– Find out what churn rates tell you about your customer’s journey, their obstacles and how you can minimize them.

– How to ease the need for customer service by optimizing the experience (and workflows).

– Get to know what a proper service platform can do for you and your customers.

Our consulting experts can help you to create a customer journey that gives your customers a positive experience throughout all buying phases. Find out where your customers need service, where they (and you) profit from self-service options and establish a service management that learns from your (and your customer’s) mistakes.

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Woman uses chatbots

To gain real value from chatbots, companies need to consider what website visitors would need/want from a chatbot and how to provide this service.

an empty waiting room

When customers have a question or a problem, they want a personalized approach and relevant help. Above all, they want a quick solution – something customer service doesn’t always offer.

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What drives customers to stay loyal to a company, especially when it comes to service needs? In a recent survey, Gartner asked customers when they are more likely to stay.

5 stars placed by a hand

With numerous analogue and digital channels and the requirement to be available 24/7, modern service providers are faced with the challenge of bringing digital change and classic expectations of the customer experience together. This is impossible without technical assistance, says our expert Lorenz Haas.

Heart with a band aid

„Nobody is perfect“, „honest mistakes“ and the new culture of celebrating failures – it’s normal that something goes wrong, even on a customer journey. A well-executed and heartfelt apology can not only mend things but even strengthen relationships.

Affen Skulptur

A good customer experience doesn’t need to be perfect to the nth degree. But companies need to be open when it comes to mistakes. If you ignore obvious gaps in the customer journey, social media users will find a way to make them public.

Man at window, title: digital transformation

We continue our topic Digital Transformation and Sales Performance Management. in this part of our interview series, our expert Mario Pufahl, CSO at ec4u, talks about the role of employees when it comes to the digital transformation. 

what trends 2018 do our experts predict?

Which trends had an impact on marketing, sales and service circles and touched customer journey management as well as digitalization? And which trend could be a force to be reckoned with this year? Our experts across different business units, teams and fields of expertise opened up about the big trends of 2017 and what’s to …

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Different generations have different expectations for their customer experience

What do you do if one half of your customers still uses the fax machine and the other prefers doing business only via their smartphone? More and more studies prove that old and young generations have different demands for a perfect customer journey – but how should companies accommodate both?  

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Retention strategies create loyal bonds with your customers

A while ago, a German „Marketing expert“ embarrassed himself by writing about his secret trick to gain more followers on Facebook. His solution: simply buy a few hundred thousand followers, after all, they hardly cost anything.

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