Digital Transformation – finding new ways to enhance your customer’s experience

The digital transformation has changed customer behavior and companies are being left behind. Customers want relevant information at the right time and on the right channels. If a company can’t deliver, it will lose out on the market. But to fully digitalize processes and services, you need more than just the technological infrastructure.

The ec4u blog informs

– How businesses have to adapt to the new digital era to meet the needs of their customers and optimize processes.

– How digitalization is not just necessary for your customers but also for your employees and how the right tools and methods can make the switch easier.

– How modern trends influence customer journeys and why new technology needs to be looked at from the customer’s/user’s perspective to be used properly.

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Dear readers, as you may have noticed, the ec4u environment is changing. We’ve announced our merger with BULPROS back in March and were able to show you our new brand DIGITALL in July which will be the future of ec4u (now DIGITALL).

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A recent study indicates that company’s might underestimate security issues when planing their cloud projects.

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Digitization can help break down data silos and make information available to everyone. However, when it comes to the daily business life, a multitude of tools and workflows gets in the way of efficiency and transparency.

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The numerous changes caused by the pandemic have hit the B2B market just like every other area of business. But what does it mean for companies and their customer relationship management?

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2021 with the 0 being a light bulb

It is an annual tradition to ask among my colleagues what (digital) trends they see for the coming year. For the trends 2021, I collected a diverse mix from eCommerce optimism to useful office apps.

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My colleague Wiebke Bergholz explains what test management is, how it’s structured and how it fits into agile project management.

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Using a database is a bit like baking: if you don’t have the right the ingredients or they are of poor quality, the cake will not taste good. This article explains, why companies can afford low quality data just as much as bakers can afford to use rotten eggs.

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With the growth of digital channels, the amount of communication channels for sales is also growing. The boundaries between inside and outside sales are becoming increasingly blurred.

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The desire for individual software solutions or apps often creates challenges in companies. Resources are lacking, too many different applications create silos, or software is used as “shadow IT” without IT approval.

Change of direction

With large CRM projects, it is not always a question of deciding whether to implement a CRM. Often a migration to a new system is pending. But why would companies want to change their systems?