Digital Transformation – finding new ways to enhance your customer’s experience

The digital transformation has changed customer behavior and companies are being left behind. Customers want relevant information at the right time and on the right channels. If a company can’t deliver, it will lose out on the market. But to fully digitalize processes and services, you need more than just the technological infrastructure.

The ec4u blog informs

– How businesses have to adapt to the new digital era to meet the needs of their customers and optimize processes.

– How digitalization is not just necessary for your customers but also for your employees and how the right tools and methods can make the switch easier.

– How modern trends influence customer journeys and why new technology needs to be looked at from the customer’s/user’s perspective to be used properly.

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Customer Journey

Delphine Arvengas is Principal Consultant with ec4u and part of the Digital Enterprise Consultants team which drives Customer Journey Management within the company. We asked her some questions about this topic.


Alexander Beck is Managing Consultant at ec4u and responsible for data science and predictive analytics with a strong focus on customer analytics. We asked him some questions about this topic.


One of our earlier blog entries already illustrated why German banks stumble in the face of digitization. Their long existing traditional structures and processes don’t really fit into the modern world of the far digitized customer. Quite contrary to the offerings of FinTechs (an expression combining the terms “financial services” and “technology”), for whom an …

Banks have problems with Digitalization

One sometimes gets the impression that banks are like ancient rocks immune to the ravages of time. But digitization is going to bring major changes for them too. Should they be scared of the new wave of digital change or can they rest on their laurels? 

Suitcase and camera ready for a journey

Do you recall our very first blog of this series? It described how the digital enterprise transformation has created a new era with innovative business opportunities and models. But any era starts off at a certain point before it unfolds. Before setting out, you should carefully read the following sentence: “The Digital Transformation will only …

The Digital Business Transformation brings variety to your offerings and services

Before I actually start with the topic of this week’s article, let me quickly ask you this: what are your top 3 buzzwords for Marketing 2015? My top 3 candidates are: Marketing Automation Customer Journey Digital Transformation But let’s talk a little more about Number 3. 

fist bumping in the office

Last week the Marketing Nation Summit 2015 – one of the world’s largest marketing events – was held in California.  More than 7.000 people were pouring into the event this year, compared to only 1.500 visitors two years ago. This rapid increase indicates how relevant the latest technologies and integrated processes have become for marketing.

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Hit the right spot with a customer experience strategy across all channels

Modern Customer Experience centered around content optimisation and channel alignment Last week, the Modern Marketing Experience – hosted by Oracle – was held in Las Vegas. Over three days the world’s leading marketing professionals caught up with the latest trends in Modern Marketing. In parallel, the IT giant organised several other conferences on the topics …