Lead Management – better workflows, better communication, better leads

Modern (integrated) lead management combines marketing and sales strategies to ensure that leads can be nurtured, scored and delivered seamlessly. Common agreements (Sales Level Agreements, SLA) are used to define clear workflows, so no lead will get lost on the way.

This means that marketing and sales have to work together and communicate much more than they used to. Together with the right tools (CRM- and marketing automation-software), they can create smooth processes that manage more leads with less resources and costs.

The ec4u blog informs

– How important SLA are to define clear rules on who is responsible for the lead at which stage of the nurturing process.

– How to cultivate leads and reanimate dormant leads after long phases of silence.

– How to enhance communication strategies between marketing and sales to create a common goal.

Use the right tools for automated lead management that connects marketing and sales and offers personalized communication with each lead and customer.

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We are regularly asked whether B2B and B2C customers really differ from each other or whether they make similar purchasing decisions. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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When we talk about marketing, often, only the B2C customer is implied. But the influence of marketing on the success of a company and its sales pipeline is growing for B2B businesses.

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To measure how successful campaigns and strategies really are, you need numbers. The conversion rate is one of those numbers and especially important in any marketing team.

Addressing a buying center means taking on different approaches

What’s the difference between a B2B and a B2C customer? We already discussed this topic in our articles about the perfect customer communication but today I want to talk a little bit about one crucial difference: the buying center.

Predictive lead scoring: know when your leads are ready for a change

(Co-author: Michael Ziegler) Lead scoring is an amazing lead management tool to decide when a lead is potentially ready to make a purchase and then gets moved from marketing to sales. Modern analytics tools can help adjust the variables that define the scoring according to success rates and individual lead behavior.

Don't let your lead management be the road block for conversions

Vaguely defined processes for your lead management will turn your lead’s journey into a mystery wrapped in a riddle. The solution: stop treating your lead like a means to an end.

Create Buyer Personas for customers you want

We have posted quite a few contributions on the subject of buyer personas, but in our contact with clients we noticed one specific question showing up regularly, which we actually haven’t addressed yet, at least not directly, and that is: how many buyer personas is too many?

Are B2B customers really only professionally involved in buying decisions?

Occasionally I find suggestions on the internet concerning the different customer approaches in B2B and B2C. It is often argued that B2B companies want to be informed about relevant content rather matter-of-fact and in an unemotional way. B2C companies on the other hand are said to prefer information with a personal and emotional touch. Isn’t …

street signs in opposite directions saying choice

In the last blog article we wrote about the advantages and implementation requirements of Eloqua A/B testing. The method is not really a novelty, but often underrated when it comes to its influence on the marketing performance. Today, I would like to share with you some best practice examples, which we just recently implemented with one …

Eloqua A/B Testing: we show you the right way

Email marketing remains until today one of the most important media for providing customers with content and getting in touch with them. Striving for optimized email campaigns is omnipresent, and collecting best practices is a constant effort to boost marketing ROI. But when asking ourselves what the email recipient is really interested in, we are …