Lead Management – better workflows, better communication, better leads

Modern (integrated) lead management combines marketing and sales strategies to ensure that leads can be nurtured, scored and delivered seamlessly. Common agreements (Sales Level Agreements, SLA) are used to define clear workflows, so no lead will get lost on the way.

This means that marketing and sales have to work together and communicate much more than they used to. Together with the right tools (CRM- and marketing automation-software), they can create smooth processes that manage more leads with less resources and costs.

The ec4u blog informs

– How important SLA are to define clear rules on who is responsible for the lead at which stage of the nurturing process.

– How to cultivate leads and reanimate dormant leads after long phases of silence.

– How to enhance communication strategies between marketing and sales to create a common goal.

Use the right tools for automated lead management that connects marketing and sales and offers personalized communication with each lead and customer.

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Account Based Marketing: get closer to your leads

Today’s blog is about Account Based Marketing, briefly called ABM. For us marketing people there is one primary task and that is: generating leads.

Service Level Agreements keep everything on track

Every Marketing Director’s focus is on Lead Generation and Lead Qualification. That’s why I am dedicating our blog post today to this topic. First and foremost a structured hand-over process is essential for being able to harness and further develop generated leads. Therefore every lead management system should be based on so-called Service Level Agreements …

Lead Nurturing: know who your leads are before you start nurturing

Lead Nurturing is the supreme discipline of modern lead management. That’s why we have released numerous blogs on this topic, focusing on the basic principles: What is lead nurturing? What types of nurture emails are there? What are the goals? Today, we would like to go a little deeper and address the challenges and questions …

Wake up your dormant leads

Today, marketing experts should move away from pure one-shots to comprehensive campaign programs. But what, if it’s already too late for that? You are probably used to situations like the following: It’s been a while since your last marketing activity, your prequalified leads lie dormant and you don’t really know what to do with them. …

Sales and Marketing Alignment: even cats and dogs get along

Getting sales and marketing on the same page is one of the biggest challenges we see when creating new processes and streamlining sales funnels. These two departments should work hand-in-glove, but they often wind up in an adversarial relationship. For most companies, this problem starts with basic communication. Like any good relationship, communication forms the …

Which buyer personas are you addressing?

The Buyer Persona-method helps creating content and a more individual narrative by creating substitute profiles of your ideal customers. By giving these profiles (personas) more than just superficial characteristics but also clear motivations, needs and problems, marketing, sales and service can style their communication with customers and leads much more defined.

Can you track your Demand Funnel?

Let’s talk about the demand funnel. Are you getting the most out of having implemented a demand funnel in your organization, in terms of knowledge that adds value to your marketing efforts? If you’d like to get more insight from your demand funnel, here are some key points to consider.