Marketing – more than just content

Marketing – together with sales and services – is in the process of transformation. Workflows need to be rearranged and especially content needs to be thought through anew. Customers don’t care about your point of view anymore, they want content that speaks directly to them and their needs.

Which strategies lead to success depends on the customer. You need to turn content marketing into a strategy and not just a buzzword.

The ec4u blog informs

– What you can do to address your B2B and B2C customers correctly over different channels and buyer phases.

– How you can create content that is for your customers but also delights your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

– Which content is perfect for different decision phases in your customer’s journey.

We help you create strategies for your individual buyer personas, channels and events. Simply contact us to find out more.

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In Salesforce’s latest State of Marketing report, the company asked marketers about the trends, challenges, and focus of their work. One of the newer business drivers is innovation.

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When we talk about marketing, often, only the B2C customer is implied. But the influence of marketing on the success of a company and its sales pipeline is growing for B2B businesses.

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So much work goes into the writing of e-mails, the designing of the layout and the programming of templates that sometimes, the small things get overlooked. But as the saying goes: the devil’s in the detail.

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Whether you’re in the decision process for a Marketing Automation software or already implemented one – do you know, what you can do with it?

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Content marketing is essential for every marketing strategy. But which content format is best suited for different channels and decision phases?

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More than 250 marketers took part in a study by Ascend2 and gave their input on email marketing strategies. One email format tops them all.

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Since marketing for existing customers is gaining more importance and methods like account-based marketing see each B2B-customer as a single market, it’s time to look at market shares in detail.

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Find out what the Marketing trends 2019 are and why they matter for your company.

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With the invention of the printing press in Europe in the 14th century (and the much earlier inventions in China), a new age of enlightenment and information was born. The digital transformation works in similar ways: It has never been easier to obtain information on your own.

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More and more companies plan the use of marketing automation, especially for their lead management. But few try to implement the new system on their own.