Marketing Automation – the right content at the right time

Marketing Automation helps you to send your content on its way in a personalized, scalable manner. Reach all customers individually when and where they want to be reached and learn from their behavior.

Together with a CRM-system, you can create specific campaigns for each of your buyer personas and get the right message across.

The ec4u blog informs

– How to use A/B-testing to make sure you find the right tone for your mails and your customers.

– How to reactivate dormant leads with one thought-out automatized process and the right message.

– How to define and use buyer personas to create content that is personal and addresses your customer’s needs instead of your own.

You want to implement a marketing automation software but need help with your choice and/or implementation? Our consulting experts are happy to hear from you.

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How Marketing Automation differs for B2C

Guest author: Sophia Willmann (LinkedIn) Especially companies dealing with B2B-customers nowadays use marketing automation to aid oftentimes small marketing teams with the demands of big sales units. But how does marketing automation work for B2C-companies?

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3 lessons learned from our marketing automation implementation

(Co-Autor: Amelie Höllersberger / LinkedIn) Marketing automation is amazing and if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we love it with all our hearts. But as everything in life, nothing comes easy and on our way to marketing automation we learned a thing or two. And since we’ve already learned […]

Man at window, title: predictive marketing automation part 3

Sales Performance Management: Predictive Marketing Automation Part 3

After covering all topics from trends to methods, tools and digitalization, we’ve no reached the last part of our sales performance management interview special with Mario Pufahl, CSO and sales expert at the ec4u. In this part, he describes how especially the marketing team can profit from marketing automation to help meet the demands of […]

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E-Mail-Marketing: The dos and don’ts of No-Reply-mails

No-Reply-e-mails are supposed to be a relief to service, sales and marketing by giving important information to the customer without giving an opportunity to reply. In a customer centric company, however, this form of communication is hardly useful.

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Sales Management Performance: Tools

Sales platforms continue to be the topic of our Sales Performance Management interview series. Moreover, Mario Pufahl, CSO at ec4u, will explain the advantages of standard solutions over individualized solutions.

A marketing dahsboard helps to align marketing and sales activities

CRM and marketing automation: why you need a marketing dashboard

(Co-author: Bhagat Ransi) According to, every second company uses marketing automation. But without the proper link to other customer related systems, the full potential of marketing automation will stay hidden.

These marketing Automation applications will help you to get your message through to your customers

4 marketing automation applications to optimize your customer communication

Marketing automation is one of the key elements to create customer communication that is effective, flexible and personal. Especially automated email marketing strategies are working wonders for individual customer interactions.

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A/B Testing Tricks for your Email Campaigns

In the last blog article we wrote about the advantages and implementation requirements of Eloqua A/B testing. The method is not really a novelty, but often underrated when it comes to its influence on the marketing performance. Today, I would like to share with you some best practice examples, which we just recently implemented with one […]

Eloqua A/B Testing: we show you the right way

Eloqua A/B Testing for your e-mail campaigns

Email marketing remains until today one of the most important media for providing customers with content and getting in touch with them. Striving for optimized email campaigns is omnipresent, and collecting best practices is a constant effort to boost marketing ROI. But when asking ourselves what the email recipient is really interested in, we are […]

Wake up your dormant leads

How to revive dormant leads

Today, marketing experts should move away from pure one-shots to comprehensive campaign programs. But what, if it’s already too late for that? You are probably used to situations like the following: It’s been a while since your last marketing activity, your prequalified leads lie dormant and you don’t really know what to do with them. […]