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Automation is more than just a few automated e-mails. Implemented correctly, a marketing automation platform can help you digitize all of your marketing, lead management and even sales processes, help you create individual customer journeys and check on your campaigns with smart reporting. More than that, you can finally show how marketing strategies impact opportunities, customer retention and the overall success of your company.

Connect channels, measure the impact of your campaigns and content assets and optimize your customer journeys for amazing experiences.

Together with a CRM-system, create specific campaigns for each of your personas and get the right message across.

The ec4u blog informs

What a marketing automation platform can do for your marketing and sales team.

– Why most companies need partners to implement a marketing automation strategy.

– How to define and use buyer personas to create content that is personal and addresses your customer’s needs instead of your own.

You want to implement an automation software but need help with your choice and/or implementation? Our consulting experts are happy to hear from you.

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These marketing Automation applications will help you to get your message through to your customers

Marketing automation is one of the key elements to create customer communication that is effective, flexible and personal. Especially automated email marketing strategies are working wonders for individual customer interactions.

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In the last blog article we wrote about the advantages and implementation requirements of Eloqua A/B testing. The method is not really a novelty, but often underrated when it comes to its influence on the marketing performance. Today, I would like to share with you some best practice examples, which we just recently implemented with one …

Eloqua A/B Testing: we show you the right way

Email marketing remains until today one of the most important media for providing customers with content and getting in touch with them. Striving for optimized email campaigns is omnipresent, and collecting best practices is a constant effort to boost marketing ROI. But when asking ourselves what the email recipient is really interested in, we are …

Wake up your dormant leads

Today, marketing experts should move away from pure one-shots to comprehensive campaign programs. But what, if it’s already too late for that? You are probably used to situations like the following: It’s been a while since your last marketing activity, your prequalified leads lie dormant and you don’t really know what to do with them. …

Marketing Automation implementation: are you prepared?

Some ideas from the Marketing Nation Summit 2015 in San Francisco. In the practical part of the Marketing Nation Summit 2015 medium-sized and large enterprises shared their experience with the implementation of marketing automation platforms. Let me highlight a few points that were of particular importance to many users.

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Last week the Marketing Nation Summit 2015 – one of the world’s largest marketing events – was held in California.  More than 7.000 people were pouring into the event this year, compared to only 1.500 visitors two years ago. This rapid increase indicates how relevant the latest technologies and integrated processes have become for marketing.

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Which buyer personas are you addressing?

The Buyer Persona-method helps creating content and a more individual narrative by creating substitute profiles of your ideal customers. By giving these profiles (personas) more than just superficial characteristics but also clear motivations, needs and problems, marketing, sales and service can style their communication with customers and leads much more defined.

Can you track your Demand Funnel?

Let’s talk about the demand funnel. Are you getting the most out of having implemented a demand funnel in your organization, in terms of knowledge that adds value to your marketing efforts? If you’d like to get more insight from your demand funnel, here are some key points to consider.