Sales – making connections with the right tools and methods

Modern sales can be a myriad of ways. It can be a face-to-face customer meeting or a new connection on social media. It can be a digital live demo or a business brunch to exchange ideas and solutions. The modern sales rep juggles digital and analog tools to create long-lasting relationships.

However, due to the growing independence of customers regarding their decision phases, reps need to find new ways to reach their audience. More and more customers do their research online and collect information long before they first contact a sales rep. That’s why business units need to work closely together and find new ways to engage customers and provide them with the right information – on all channels.

The ec4u blog informs

  • How modern communication has become more asynchronous and what that means for reps.
  • Why Outside and Inside Sales are no longer different units of a sales team but need to work together and learn from each other to connect with customers.
  • How KPIs like the Share of Wallet can help you understand why customers make a purchasing decision (and how to use this insight).

Modern sales needs a modern platform that offers the right tools, intelligent reports and individual dashboards to stay ahead of market changes, keep Key Performance Indicators in view and adjust flexibly to the ever changing customer behaviors. Find out more on our info page.

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A good sales strategy is necessary to offer employees the right tools and structures to be successful. Operations and enablement are crucial parts for a healthy sales team.

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The numerous changes caused by the pandemic have hit the B2B market just like every other area of business. But what does it mean for companies and their customer relationship management?

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Customer relationship management software is mainly known as a customer database, but a good CRM system can do a lot more.

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The growing possibilities of data analytics create new possibilities for customer insights based on data. Is this the end of the classic buyer persona?


In the CRM or sales environment, the term “CPQ” is being used more and more frequently, but what exactly is behind it and why and how is it used?

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Both forkThe correct use of sales tools is the basis of successful sales work according to LinkedIn’s “State of Sales” report. But what tools lead the way?

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With the growth of digital channels, the amount of communication channels for sales is also growing. The boundaries between inside and outside sales are becoming increasingly blurred.

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More and more companies implement CRM software but what do they want from their CRM vendors?

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More and more companies decide to implement a CRM system. But proper customer relationship management needs a software that can do it all.

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Messenger Apps

One of the biggest challenges in modern sales is the evolution of customer communication. More and more digital conversations are asynchronous which makes the “right moment” to make a sell hard to detect.