The cloud offers faster and flexible solutions

Rainer Wolf is Managing Consultant with ec4u expert consulting ag and at the moment, he works in cloud computing. Together with his team, he consults businesses on customer relationship management issues and implements cloud CRM solutions. We asked him some questions about this topic.


Cloud software makes businesses faster and safer

Hello, Rainer. What is the connection between cloud computing and digitization?

Cloud computing is a mega trend, independent from where data processing takes place. It is a fact that cloud solutions can be implemented more flexibly, easily and even faster. With the help of cloud software, the digitization of businesses will be faster, easier and safer.

Which is ec4u’s contribution in this context?

Increasing competition implies growing efficiency pressure. It is all about achieving a maximum of success in customer contact, i.e. in Marketing and Sales, with a minimum of input. Let me get back to cloud computing now. The things I have just talked about can be ideally done using cloud software because there are no setup times and no setup delays. You can flexibly add users or remove them in times of lower demand. A slightly customized standard solution can be a great solution that is secure, performant and always ready to use.

Cloud software: one solution does not fit all

Is cloud computing always the best solution for customers?

The one and only solution that suits every customer in every situation does not exist. That is when we consultants come into the game. We try to find the perfect solution for every customer and his challenges in his very specific situation.

Which are the digitalization challenges the automotive industry is facing?

The challenges are similar to the ones many of our B2B customers are facing. From a customers’ view, the products will be more and more replaceable. Transparency on processes, conditions, and services as well as on users, opinions, feedback and customer satisfaction will be increasing due to digitization and the internet. In addition, product life cycles will be shorter. Therefore, as a company, you will have to work out a unique selling proposition. We truly believe that the only way this will work out is through a customer-focused approach and an integrated view on the customer journey. Companies will have to cover the entire customer lifetime cycle and present and position their brand and their products at the individual customer touch points in a way that is relevant to the individual customers.

Specific solutions for each individual customer

Why are even banks becoming more and more receptive to cloud solutions?

In my opinion, this is primarily because cloud providers and manufacturers have been able to convince their customers such as banks that cloud software meets all security and data protection requirements both from a legal and business perspective.

Thank you, Rainer Wolf.

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