Your SEO text is more than an offering to Google

Content is King was my predicting message at the beginning of this series, and then the article on content is to be found at the very end. But knowing that article spinning, keywords and links make SEO-enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster, and content is often seen as the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, I wanted to discuss these topics first, before getting to the heart of the matter: Content must be first “become the emperor”.

A trend that actually wasn’t a trend: content is king

For many years this slogan has been dominating SEO networks, but it only now beginning to bear fruit. There are still many SEO and marketing departments out there, who strongly believe that every text is a good SEO text, as long as it contains the right keywords and links.

Besides, it is a popular misconception that it should actually be very easy to write an article

(but with the number of spelling and grammatical errors in various privately run SEO blogs one may draw different conclusions).

A good article is not just trial-and-error, especially if it is not only intended for Google, but for the reader. He is actually the one, for whom this article should be written – and that is the key issue which is often overlooked by SEO evangelists: a high Google ranking only serves for attracting more interested readers and customers to your site. Except, when they are discontented with the contents presented and leave your site, even the no. 1 spot on the start page gets you nowhere.

Your SEO text: Create added value for your target audience

It’s easy to say, but what do I mean by that? Well, in order to create added value for the reader, you need to be in a position to put yourself in his shoes. (How you will success in this by means of buying personas over the course of a comprehensive marketing campaign is explained in our free white paper).

You need to know who you are writing for, that is, you need to define your target audience.

Once you’ve done that, you need to ask yourself what this target group really wants.

The customer or reader has reached out to your website proactively, and in case he found your article via SEO, than only because he had a reason to gather information on the subject. Therefore SEO usually is only the first step to conversion, as SEO ensures that potential customers become aware of your website – but when this attention is rewarded with half-heartedly created articles, hidden texts or keyword collections, you will most certainly lose some precious leads.

SEO is only the threshold to lead generation in content marketing, but this threshold must not lead into the abyss.

In the final part of our blog series next week you will find out what makes good content.

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