Article Spinning: your readers won't like it

Content is King: Is article spinning the “silver bullet” for search rankings?

It’s no easy task to write a captivating article. 800 words including keyword search require more than half an hour of your time, so anyone who wants to create an entertaining and informative piece of content for their readers must give the matter some serious thought.

Article generator vs. brilliant writer

“Content is king“ is the predominant slogan of SEO programmers, or so it seems.

That’s why article spinning tools are being passed around, which work by means of smart codes processing an existing article and “spitting it out” in a rewritten form. The result is a text that has no added value compared to its (actually copied) original and can be considered stylistically rather below average. This leads to a number of problems such as the significant underestimation and devaluation of the actual work of writing an article.

The disadvantages of article spinning

  •  Article spinners are converting texts, but don’t create valuable content.
  • Quality content provides added value for the reader, which is not the case when you rewrite an article without incorporating your own input.
  • Article spinners are no substitute for real writers – with long text the results are merely readable and therefore can only serve as hidden black hat SEO measures.
  • High-quality content results in a prolonged time spent on the website, in backlinks from other sites and in trust on the part of the readers – low-quality content achieves precisely the opposite effect.
  • Even if Google values can get better at first – the algorithms identifying the tactics of placing spinned articles on various blogs are developed well enough these days. Penalisation follows swiftly within a few months.

An interesting overview on article spinners can be found on Creative Cali (written by John Nesler).

Please see part 3 of my blog series „Content is king“ next week which will discuss the issue of keyword mass vs. keyword class or, should you have both?

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In the end it’s all about your customers. Find out in our whitepaper “Guide to Customer Journey” how to wow your leads and customers with the perfect content at the perfect time.

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