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Delphine Arvengas is Principal Consultant with ec4u and part of the Digital Enterprise Consultants team which drives Customer Journey Management within the company. We asked her some questions about this topic.

Customer Journey Management: a new way to approach your customers


Hello Delphine, could you explain to us what Customer Journey Management is about?
I would

describe it as new way of approaching the customer. Until recently, there was a focus on channels, and marketing ca

mpaigns were developed for one type of customer. Things have changed, though: the customers are the same across channels and we want to support them as well as possible on all these channels – that’s Customer Journey Management.

What is the consulting practice in Customer Journey Management like?

Together with my customer, I define what the journey of their customers is, which channels they use and which their pain points are that we need to solve. Together, we then carefully think about the steps to be taken and prioritize them. Based on these considerations, we define measures, in my case marketing measures, how to support the customers on their individual journey. In a more personalized, relevant and efficient way than ever before.

Your customer’s needs need to take center stage

What is the most fascinating about consulting?

What I like most about consulting is working with the customers trying to find a solution for their problems. It’s not about going to the customer with a ready-to-use concept telling them: „This is how your customer journey has to look like, this is how your marketing and your campaigns can be improved.“ Instead, it’s about discussing the issues with the customers and finding solutions together for their specific business.

What role does the IT system play in Customer Journey Management?

The question which system to use is not the most important. The most important is the customer: Customer Journey Management must become customer-centric. Of course, technology plays a role because there are significant differences between the systems. But that’s something the technical colleagues take care of.

Data quality still matters to customer journey management

What is the biggest challenge in a Customer Journey project?

I think one of the biggest challenges our customers are facing in making their Customer Journey Management more efficient is data quality. To implement a customer-centric strategy, you first have to know your customers. In the digital world, knowing your customers means getting the necessary data to analyze the customers’ behavior and needs. For many customers, data quality is still a big issue.

Thank you, Delphine.

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