Suitcase and camera ready for a journey

Do you recall our very first blog of this series?
It described how the digital enterprise transformation has created a new era with innovative business opportunities and models.

But any era starts off at a certain point before it unfolds.
Before setting out, you should carefully read the following sentence:

“The Digital Transformation will only succeed, if all channels are integrated into the marketing strategy, and if marketing and sales form a single entity to ensure a seamless Customer Experience through regular real-time analytics”.

Advantages of the Digital Transformation

Only, if you take that to heart, you will benefit from the numerous advantages that enterprises can expect from the Digital Transformation:

  • Improved customer journey
  • Significant competitive advantage
  • Better insights into the customers‘ desires and needs
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Transparent cooperation of marketing, sales and services
  • Higher sales volumes

Naturally, these advantages can’t be realized overnight. You need the right strategy. To this very day it is common practice to consider and treat all processes, tools, channels and the required content separately from each other.

The Closed-Loop Cycle is the basis for success

The secret lies in the integration of all elements into a closed-loop cycle, the Customer Lifecycle. Bearing this principle in mind, you should set up your future campaigns and assign the respective touchpoints.

The relevant communication channels should be integrated by enterprises into their marketing strategy. The lead or customer gets in contact with a certain channel depending on the stage he is in. One key element becomes quite obvious here: The company does not end its dialogue after the acquisition phase. The “reactivation” phase is just as important.

In order to facilitate the decision as to the right touchpoints at the right time, the so-called “Customer Journey Mapping Methodology” was developed. Read more about this topic in our blog “The Moment that Matters along the Customer Journey”.

To give your customers the fully realized customer experience, send them on a journey. How? Find out in our whitepaper.

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