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It has become an annual tradition to ask my colleagues at ec4u which trends and topics they deem most interesting and/or important for the new year. Let’s find out what they replied.

Harry Wessling – smart and connected

Platforms, artificial intelligence and smart apps. It’s not about the smart home anymore, it’s about the smart life. That might sound simple, but I am noticing the isolation of data instead of its connection. This paradox might take a few years to be resolved for truly connected data.

Marcus Fischer – the telecommunications industry needs to befriend the IoT

When it comes to connections and smart apps, the telecommunication industry comes into play. Companies have the infrastructure. Every element of the internet of things is operated or addressed through telecommunication vendors. It’s on the agenda for a while but as of now, there are no concrete solutions or even a portal integration. Far too often, the telco industry leaves the field to the OTT providers.

However, the industry does work with a lot of omni-channel projects to optimize the customer journey and I think it will continue to do so in 2020.

 Joël Sidler – agility is not just a buzzword

Companies need to adjust their organizational models and technologies to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous market situation (VUCA). It’s not enough to talk about agility, they need to establish it and live it. They need proper change management which needs to be prioritized, especially in traditional companies.

Frank Müller – B2C Commerce turns unified and connected

Especially in B2C commerce, I see a trend from omni-channel towards unified commerce which means one single data basis. Aside from that, B2C commerce has many other interesting topics, like connecting the Point of Sale (stationary) with the online shop. This can be achieved through click & collect, check & reserve or the endless aisle.

Bernd Sailer – Low-Code / No-Code for a faster digitalization

I predict that the use of low-code / no-code platforms will grow in 2020. There is an immense need when it comes to fast solutions for process digitalization or digital support. There is a huge advantage for companies because power users can be integrated directly into the environment. This means that they can create faster, more efficient solutions and in turn reduce or completely avoid shadow IT.

A good example for such a platform is the Microsoft Power Platform with Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents.

Sabine Kirchem – From digital buzzword to everyday life

The way how we talk about digitalization will change. I am thinking of back in 2014, when we had to make customers acquainted with the cloud. Nowadays, it’s completely normal to use the cloud, just like deciding between a calculator on the phone or a physical one. Moreover, leading software vendors like Adobe Creative Cloud – which I use daily – or Hubspot (Marketing Automation) are completely cloud based and are some of the most innovative vendors out there.

It’s the same with the digitalization. Right now, we’re talking about what needs to be digital and for many companies, it’s a jungle. But soon, it won’t be about what you need to be digital but rather what you can do with these digital tools. Because at its core, digitalization is just a tool that enables you to think outside of the box.

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