customer journey management study: how do German companies fare?

ec4u study about Customer Journey Management in German companies

What is the status quo regarding customer journey management (CJM) in German companies? We asked 188 experts and leaders from companies across all industries. The result: CJM is relevant but not yet a priority.

We asked across business units, industries and hierarchies to find out where companies are placing their CJM strategies and who should be responsible for them. Furthermore, we asked:

  • whether buyer personas play a role in marketing content strategies
  • how leads get distributed from marketing to sales
  • which KPIs exist to measure successful strategies and budgets

Our main goal was to find out whether companies already focus on customer journey strategies, whether they prioritize CJM within the company and which steps they’ve already taken to establish a companywide customer-centric view.

Customer journey management: stuck in marketing

Even though 37% of all participants see a customer-centric business model as one of the top 5 topics in their company, it’s still stuck in the wrong business units. More than 50% of the interviewed companies place customer journey management within marketing, with only 22,7% prioritizing it as a responsibility for the top management.

For a topic that spans much more than marketing and needs to be rolled out across the whole company, these numbers show a lack of understanding as to the role customer journey management will play in the future. With changing customer behavior and expectations, it is not enough to present a satisfactory customer experience during the marketing related buying cycle only. Customers need a seamless and homogenous experience throughout all channels, lifecycle stages business units including sales and services.

ec4u study offers best practices

In our study, we focus on important aspects of a customer-centric company culture, amongst them KPIs, customer profiles, budgets and the management of new and existing customers. Additionally, we offer best practices on how to strengthen information management and communication across marketing, sales and services, how to determine and plan budgets in relations to success rates and how to create and implement customer- centric strategies and campaigns.

Or get an overview with our infographic (just click on the teaser and see or download our infographic):

customer journey management market study infographic preview

Find out how you can implement and use Customer Journey Management in your company.

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2 replies
  1. Jan Schlosser
    Jan Schlosser says:

    CJM is intrinsically linked with the fairly new discipline of “Customer Success Management” in what we call the rising subscription economy. It started in pure software companies (Salesforce coined the name “Customer Success Manager”), it is spreading across other industries as we speak – and it is all based on actively putting the customer at the center and support them in a scalable but personalized, automated but increasingly more human way again to change their (work-) habits to using your product/subscription so they become more successful in their jobs they do for their organizations.
    Would be great to extend that study in the future to look at “Customer Success strategies in European companies”.

    • Juliane Waack
      Juliane Waack says:

      Hi Jan,

      thanks for the great definition of CJM and yes, it would be interesting to see how different countries view and execute customer journey management especially in regards to digitalization and communication.

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