Customer Touchpoints müssen den Kunden gefallen, nicht den Unternehmen

Today, when we speak of marketing or modern marketing, we instantly stumble on the keyword customer journey. It’s the current industry buzz phrase describing the digital “journey” or experience of a customer across all touchpoints.

Any company who strives for marketing excellence and efficiency should guide their customers along the journey – from the start to the end point of the experience and even beyond.

Customer Touchpoints: everything counts

Just like any leisure journey, the customer journey is not always following a straight path, and the shortest route is not always the best. Most customers tend to follow their own way. The same goes for the so-called touchpoints (points of contact or interaction), the places and interfaces where they experience a product or brand.

As a Marketing Manager, you are required to define the touchpoints of your company in order to catch and impress your potential customers, and eventually convince them to purchase your product or service.

Each customer has a different important touchpoint

Really one is spoilt for choice here. Apart from the traditional offline marketing touchpoints, such as billboard, print and TV advertising, there are also numerous media in online marketing which we would like to give our special attention to. Particularly interesting and effective are all kinds of forums for sharing information and discussions, blogs or even the classic supplier website.

Now if you hope to get a clear winning formula for the best touchpoints along the customer journey, I’m afraid I must disappoint you. Why? Because your customer – like all of us – is an individual and reacts differently to the respective stages of his journey.

Yet, there are several techniques to create the customer experience of your consumer as pleasant as possible while responding to his individual requirements. Find out more about the basic must haves in my next blog entry.

Find out how you can implement and use Customer Journey Management in your company.

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