Customer Excellence Redefined

This is an exciting time for our organization. After 12 years of consulting companies regarding lead management and marketing automation, we felt it was time to reconsider our service offering and positioning by evaluating and categorizing current trends and topics. This went hand in hand last year with our partnership with ec4u expert consulting ag of Karlsruhe, Germany, who has long been established as one of the leading CRM specialists in Central Europe.

Customer Experience is the (old) new direction

It was therefore obvious that we should put the topics of both companies in a common context,
and also ask our customers what expectations and benefits they would associate with this new approach. And we are proud to say this has proven very successful, as we could already convince some of our customers that an isolated view on lead management without being put in the overall context of the complete customer lifecycle makes less and less sense these days.

New Customers don’t just want to be “handed over“ from Sales to Post-Sales-Services.
They rather expect to be served consistently with the same quality throughout the business relationship. They expect their suppliers to provide them with the right content at the right time across all communication channels.

We have taken this expectation very seriously. We were actually so serious about it, that we were not only prepared to change and extend our service offering , but also revised our market presence with a joint portfolio of advanced services with “ec4u expert consulting“. Therefore we will operate under the new brand “ec4u marketing experts“, effective immediately. Our slogan:

Customer Excellence Redefined

On the one hand this motto puts emphasis on our expertise as marketing experts on the well-known topics of Lead Management and Marketing Automation. On the other hand it reflects the new focus of our service portfolio, the overall customer interaction – from customer acquisition to customer management to customer reactivation.

As of today this blog will inform about trends and developments around Lead Management, Customer Lifecycle Management and Marketing Cloud-technology. In future our blog will be filled with many expert tips on these topics. You can even sign up for our blog-newsletter.

P.S. You might wonder what our headline “Green turns blue“ really means. Let’s solve the mystery: Blue is the new color of our common corporate design with ec4u. Until yesterday our main corporate color was green.