Wake up your dormant leads

Today, marketing experts should move away from pure one-shots to comprehensive campaign programs.

But what, if it’s already too late for that? You are probably used to situations like the following: It’s been a while since your last marketing activity, your prequalified leads lie dormant and you don’t really know what to do with them. Although the leads belong to your target group, they haven’t demonstrated any activity on your website for quite some time, let alone performed a download. Despite elaborate persona definitions you don’t know for sure what is relevant for your prospects.

Best Practice Lead Management: Dormant leads

One possibility to reinvigorate your dormant leads and retrieve their information needs is to launch a so-called reactivation campaign.

For this type of e-mail campaign you typically would create one piece of content, which is highly exclusive and not available for free on your website, and promote it in an email. From there you forward your leads to a landing page which offers this document for free download. Simultaneously an automatic e-mail is sent out so that the document can be called up at a later stage via an incorporated link.
In order to find out which approach is most appealing to your leads you can also do an A/B testing. These are two completely different emails, which eventually refer to the same link. In your reporting you can then see exactly which of the two emails had a higher open rate or click rate, and can use this as a template for further testing.

Normally, you will use hyperlinks to refer to additional information or content pieces. Why not try buttons instead of hyperlinks in one of your test emails and see if they have any influence on the click behaviour.

After your email send-out you will quickly find out, whether your lead is still interested in you or whether you have sunk into oblivion.

Your leads are back on track

One mistake your should clearly avoid now is to leave your awakened leads „unattended“. You Must ensure that your leads don’t become dormant again, so fill them regularly with new content.
Have you just uploaded a new White Paper or planned a webcast over the next few weeks?
Fantastic, for all this is information that your leads are interested in.

As soon as the reactivation was successful, you are back on your lead’s radar and will be involved in his consideration and decision making processes.

And we have achieved the goal of our mission: All new and existing leads are being shifted into an ongoing nurturing program and continuously provided with content along their customer journey.

Find out which marketing solutions can help your marketing team to create personalized, innovative and successful marketing campaigns.

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