Lead Nurturing: know who your leads are before you start nurturing

Lead Nurturing is the supreme discipline of modern lead management. That’s why we have released numerous blogs on this topic, focusing on the basic principles: What is lead nurturing? What types of nurture emails are there? What are the goals?

Today, we would like to go a little deeper and address the challenges and questions that come up in the context of Lead Nurturing.

Lead Nurturing: start with a good base

In both a personal and professional environment we tend to concentrate on certain activities by putting a strong focus on one single task. We ignore other, equally important  but annoying jobs. “Avoidance behavior”, as I like to call it.

In developing our nurture routes and programs we spend hours, if not days to develop the right wording for our emails. What should we put in the reference line and what should the call-to-action button look like?

Before you start worrying about the wording,  you should actually have a clear picture of the target group of your nurture emails.  In fact, we all know from experience that only relevant emails will be read.  Now, you’re probably wondering how to send an email to someone you have never met nor whose interests are known to you.

No Buyer Persona, no way to define the right content

So make sure that you are able to answer the following questions, before deciding on the color of your call-to-action button:

  1. Which persona would you like to address?
  2. What issues and challenges is your persona facing in the daily working environment?
  3. What are the preferred communication channels of this persona?
  4. What sense of humor and what knowledge of technical terms does this persona have?
  5. Is your persona a technically interested person?

But first things first:  In order to be able to provide your lead with relevant content in the near future, you should at least have found out his current position in an enterprise. Depending on the business field he is working in, you must steer the communication into a particular direction.

This in turn results in a whole range of various challenges your persona is facing every single day.  Someone working in IT is interested in different things than let’s say a Marketing Director or a Technical Buyer. This of course results in a variety of channels your target group choses to gather information from. Email is not always the all-purpose-tool here.

If we picture such a nurture process, it is actually not described as a straight line which starts with email no. 1 and ends with email no. 5.

The right nurture process rather moves along the customer journey and is aligned to basic data such as person, challenge and channel – with multiple strings into all directions.

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