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More and more companies plan the use of marketing automation, especially for their lead management. But few try to implement the new system on their own.

Companies prefer external help

According to a recent study* for the German and Swiss market, 73% of all companies got help from external partners for their marketing automation implementation. According to the authors of the study, this number is steadily growing.

External partners are perfect for companies who don’t want breaks from their daily business and lack the necessary know-how regarding marketing automation-technologies and processes. External service providers can offer know-how and make sure that the implementation is efficient.

*Prof. Dr. Uwe Hannig, Dr. Klaus Heinzelbecker and Thomas Foell from IFSMA in cooperation with wob. You can download the executive summary of the study here.

The advantages of service providers for marketing automation implementation

  1. Know-how

Service and software providers have experience from numerous projects in different industries, for different companies and different settings. They can evaluate much more easily, what roadmap might work best for your company.

Plus, your employees can learn from the service provider’s know-how and use that knowledge in the future.

  1. Better planning and use of resources

Given the experience, service providers can give pretty concise numbers when it comes to the planning. They also can determine what is important for the catalogue of requirements, what needs to be considered for your compliance standards and how to align the planned system and its use to your company goals.

Especially when it comes to the budget and time planning, an expert can help you determine realistic goals, time frames and budgets based on previous projects. Companies who struggled with their implementation named „budgetary issues“ as the biggest challenges in the study, it’s therefore highly recommended to trust in an external expert who knows about time constraints, risk management and costs.

  1. Best Practices

Whether it’s data consolidation, compatibility with other systems or additional services – a service provider or consultant can help you with best practice solutions gathered from similar companies in the same industry.

Considering the GDPR, one of the biggest topics this year, an expert with knowledge about hidden requirements concerning data security might give you an edge over the competition and make sure that your new workflows and processes don’t break any national or international data security laws.

Another added bonus: Most consultants and service partners have a wide network of other service providers that can help with details like design, content, legal advice, etc. They can help you find the right provider for your needs.

  1. Support after implementation

A proper support after your system has been implemented is a big advantage. It helps your employees get comfortable with new workflows because it provides ongoing support and training. Issues with the use, bugs or workflow problems can be fixed easily and immediately. Your daily business doesn’t suffer because the provider will help with the technical side until your employees have integrated the new processes into their daily routines.

  1. A new point of view

A point of view from the outside can be very refreshing for a company whether it concerns new workflows and processes or philosophies and cultures (keyword: change management). At the ec4u, our experts experience daily how eye-opening a customer journey mapping-workshop or the design thinking-method can be.

Because an outside-in-view on your company can reveal flaws. But it can also reveal amazing opportunities and advantages that you haven’t considered so far because you’re so used to your way of thinking, doing and seeing.

Just like a German proverb goes:

Man sieht den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht – you can’t see the forest for all the trees

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