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Whether you’re in the decision process for a Marketing Automation software or already implemented one – do you know, what you can do with it?

Automating E-Mails

First of all, although this might seem obvious (and quite often is taken for the only thing that Marketing Automation software does), automating e-Mails includes a wide array of different e-mails, including newsletters, recommendations, informational and confirmation e-mails. Especially during processes like the Double-Opt-In or the confirmation of a purchase, these e-mails can help communicating the most important info and give a great first impression.

Furthermore, so-called „transactional e-mails“ (confirmations, invoices, account info) help with the overall experience if they are designed and written with care. Many companies tend to ignore these kinds of e-mails which is why they usually look and sound very different (and a lot worse) than newsletters or product recommendations.

Contacts and customer segments

Contact lists

Many Marketing Automation tools feature a contact base that you can organize individually. Contact lists can be filtered for missing information, buying phases, personas and many other categories. Additionally, you can look into and edit every single contact profile. The more data sources the tool is connected to, the more you can find out about leads and customers (e.g. clicks on social media posts, downloads, registrations, etc.). With these lists, you can identify inactive contacts for reactivation campaigns and more.

Creating customer segments

Customer segmentation is an amazing tool if you know how you want to address which customers. You can segment customers based on your own categories, such as buying phases, certain behavior, industry, persona, digital and analog interactions, etc. You can create segments for specific campaigns, newsletters and product recommendations. And you can use segments for dynamic content, showing different content to different segments.

Creating and measuring buyer personas

Buyer personas can help you with understanding the different wishes, needs and motivations of your customers and address them accordingly. Many Marketing Automation tools offer templates for personas to enrich your contact lists. Whether you address an IT expert or a marketing decision maker in your B2B campaign makes a difference and can be managed with personas.

Progressive Profiling

How do you get to know your customers aside from direct, personal conversations? Web forms are the best way to scale getting to know any number of leads and customers. But big web forms are not always the right way to go and can even deter potential customers. Progressive profiling allows to „recognize“ returning contacts via cookies and change web forms according to what you already know about them.

Any contact who downloads something or registers for an event will only be asked about the information that is still missing from their profile. You can prioritize, which questions need to be asked first, so you can communicate with your leads even without their whole contact information. Plus, contacts with a „complete“ profile won’t need to fill out any more web forms on your homepage and can immediately get to your events, content and more.


Connecting customer communication on different channels

Marketing Automation software is great when you want to have an overview on different communication channels, to analyze and strategize your communication. You can plan ad campaigns on social media, via e-mail or on search engines. You can interact directly with your followers on social media (without leaving the Marketing Automation tool) or gain insights from the data from your website.

Campaigns on social media

Depending on the social media platform and MA tool, you have many choices to create ads and campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You can plan and analyze these campaigns directly from your MA tool, all generated leads will be transferred to your data base (GDPR compliant).

Produce landing pages, blogs and more

Most MA systems help you create your entire web presence. You can design and publish your own landing pages, blogs and websites if you want. A web presence out of your MA tool will create stronger reports but it can also connect to existing web pages.

Social media monitoring

If you connect your social media profiles with your MA software, you’re most likely able to also track hashtags and customer interactions. Find out, what customers say about you and analyze their feedback.

Aligning Marketing and Sales


Most MA systems are compatible with the common CRM systems. Some might need individual APIs or work better with one CRM than the other and therefore need to be checked before you decide on an MA vendor. A connection is ideal since you can share data bases and synchronize information in real-time.

All business units working with customers have access to the entire history of customer groups or individual customers. If a lead is qualified for sales, the sales rep can immediately look at the lead’s profile and history, such as downloaded content, opened e-mails, etc.

Lead nurturing and scoring until sales qualification (and beyond)

One of the biggest challenges for marketing and sales is the nurturing of generated leads. Quite often, marketing and sales are not on the same page when it comes to the readiness of a lead. With your MA software, you can define factors, behaviors and qualifications for the lead scoring, measuring the scores and define when a lead is qualified for sales (together). Transferring leads can be automated but is also possible manually, in case a certain lead has not met all criteria but is interesting enough to contact.


Certain marketing materials are evergreen. It’s therefore practical to use templates and save time (and stay on brand). Templates can be created for numerous formats and occasions: e-mails, ads, landing pages, web forms, etc. This way, you can also prepare e-mails for your sales team, to use for delivering specific content or invites to customers. This way, the communication between sales and your customers can be tracked through click-rates, etc. which gives more insights.

Personalized Content Marketing

Content management

Content management is as important as it is complex. Every older company has been through different software systems, content managers, new processes and different taxonomies. Quite often, there’s not one single spot where all content is available. MA systems help by offering their own content management system, making it easier to manage but also track the content use.

There are features that make it possible to see where each content piece has been used and how it performed by creating individual links for the content depending on where it’s been used. Some systems also allow for exchanging the content piece without changing the link, making it incredibly easy to edit or update content without having to dig through all the places where it might be linked.


You can test variations in e-mails, ads and on your webpage through simple A/B-testing. Try out different headlines, button formats, products or images and see what works best.

Use dynamic content

Dynamic content is a great way to create a landing page or newsletter that shows different content to different customer segments. It’s very useful if you’re addressing different personas, customers from different industries or with different interests.

Individual send-out times

If you have international customers, you might not want to send out your newsletter to customers late at night just because they are in different time zones. It is such a small feature but individualizing the send-out time to take time zones into consideration helps with communicating to your customers that you care, wherever they are.


Creating individual reports

The „cockpit“ is a great way to get an overview on the most important numbers and tasks. It can usually be individualised to show you the numbers that are important for your work. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to drill-down or create reports for upper management or colleagues from different business units.

Individual notifications

There are certain numbers that might be so important to you, that you need to know immediately about them. You decide which notifications are important, whether it’s a new lead or the send-out of a newsletter.

Eighteen things are only the beginning of what’s possible with a Marketing Automation software that’s connected with CRM, social media channels and your homepage. There are endless ways to rethink or enhance your marketing strategies and build innovative, exciting customer journeys.

Find out which marketing solutions can help your marketing team to create personalized, innovative and successful marketing campaigns.

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