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It’s an annual tradition to ask my colleagues what they think will be the trends and prevalent topics of the coming year. Their answers are – as always – insightful and diverse.

Heike Braches

„1:1 communication based on external triggers (tags) on different channels (cross-or omni-channel).“

The personal conversation, whether it’s in person or digitally, remains one of the most important aspects of customer management. But nowadays, it should be triggered by the customer (or the lead). This trigger doesn’t need to be too direct, it can be signaled by subtle online behaviors. With modern tools to track lead- and customer activities and identify behavior that suggests interest in an offer or product, the sales or marketing expert can even get an automated signal to act.

Bernd Sailer

„In my opinion, 2019 will be – again – the year of artificial intelligence. The journey has just begun. I am convinced that we will have intense conversations around ethics and AI because the challenges and possibilities are tightly connected. At some point, the delicacy of this topic will turn into efficient solutions.“

In 2018,Google presented a smart voice commanded assistant that can set appointments at restaurants, at the doctor, etc. The use case Google presented showed that the people on the other end of the line were not aware that they were talking to a bot. This is the exact point where ethics come into play. It’s not just about what AI can do but also where the limits should be. Other areas such as driverless cars ask questions like responsibilities and accountabilities in case of accidents.

Frank Müller

„Next to AI and IoT-topics, many companies look at customer centricity and optimized customer experience as their priorities.“

Digital transformation can change many things, but it can’t change everything. A company that ignores employees as well as customers when it is implementing digital processes (automation, AI, etc.) will have problems to excite its customers in the future. Obtaining a customer- or user-centric view from the first to the last step of the digital transformation will be key.

Joel Sidler

„Big data and its usage as well as the necessary data security requirements. Without the infrastructure, AI and IoT won’t be possible. This includes clean Application Programming Interfaces (API). Today, every system should offer API „by design“. It’s all connected in my opinion to make sure that a company has a 360° view of its customers and – with that – of itself.“

The clean connection of systems is already an important topic, especially when it comes to choosing the right software, platform and system. Especially nowadays, companies have individual requirements and functionalities, their customers use differing platforms and prefer different communication channels. This means that companies need to be flexible to measure up to their customer’s expectations, no matter what core system they are using.

Soheilla Saberi

„The introduction of the ePrivacy regulation will be quite interesting.“

The ePrivacy regulation (ePVO) is an addition to the GDPR that officially came into force in May 2018 (after being effective for two years prior without penalties). It’s supposed to secure the rights and freedoms of private and corporate bodies for the use of electronic communication services within the EU.

The content of the ePVO has been criticized heavily from trade association as well as EU countries which is the main reason why it hasn’t been released (as planned) in May 2018. There’s no official date for the ePVO to come into force as of now.

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