Man at window, title: cloud part 2

In the last part of our Sales Performance Management interview series, Mario Pufahl, CSO at ec4u, talked about the advantages of using cloud software. Today, he explains why cloud-based software isn’t less safe than on-premise software and why it can even be safer. 

„We do cloud projects with conviction.“

The transcript of the interview part „cloud part 2“:

What about the data protection in the cloud?

I have a strong opinion regarding data protection and cloud computing. We have many cloud projects with our customers, not because cloud is modern but because we believe in cloud computing. We are using cloud ourselves and we recommend it to our customers.

Some customers think that the cloud is not suitable for them. At the same time, I hear about employees walking into the computer center by accident due to security defects. He could have pulled a plug. This is the reality in Germany.
Cloud providers, on the other hand, have clear regulations that they must follow. Cloud software is basically a fortress. If you have not had the opportunity of seeing a cloud computer center, I recommend you do and have a look. Believe me, afterwards you won’t say that the cloud is not safe.
To ensure data security, billions are invested in cloud technologies. If you compare this sum to the IT- and specialist-budget of single companies, you will see that this sum couldn’t be invested because it would not be economical. Data security is at least as high in the cloud if not higher than in on-premise solutions.

Can the error rate be traced back to people?

The error rate is always caused by people. However, cloud providers have special regulations that minimize or even erase these errors by cutting different processes and monitoring mechanisms in form of “Governance”.
Considering large companies in Germany and worldwide have committed themselves to data protection and who have data protectionists in their companies, you can see a clear trend towards cloud solutions. They either already have cloud solutions after careful examination or they are currently thinking about it. This trend cannot be stopped because it is already performed.

When is it too late to change to Cloud?

I do not think that it’s ever too late when it comes to the cloud decision. Ultimately, the question is what you can afford as a company.
If you look at companies like banks and insurance companies, which have turned to the cloud relatively late, they have much higher IT-costs and more tied-up capacities for implementing regulations than other industries like telecommunications. Therefore, money and capacities for innovations and digitization is missing. This will catch up with companies that do not digitize and do not change to the cloud.

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