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“Sales Performance Management” (SPM) is the big subject of our series of interviews with Mario Pufahl, sales expert and CSO of ec4u. Today, he talks about SPM-Methodology and how you can use it.

„Sales Performance Management describes a company’s consequent and sustainable orientation towards customer needs.“

The transcript of the interview part „methodology“:

What does the Sales Performance Management methodology include?

The Sales Performance Management methodology includes systematized sales. There are four dimensions. The first dimension contains the “Strategy”. The second dimension deals with the “Organization”, for example, where processes can be found. “Controlling” is in the third dimension and the fourth dimension refers to the “Staff”.
You should keep an eye on these four dimensions and define them properly. If you want to improve your management concepts for example, you should focus on controlling.

What can you use the SPM methodology for?

The SPM-Methodology can be used by managers to structure sales management and to systematize it (for example, with a road map). Moreover, the methodology helps in identifying and operationalizing the right areas of activity.

A high customer orientation is a central factor of success in all four dimensions and it plays a major role in the implementation of sales excellence.

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