Man at window, title: predictive marketing automation part 3

After covering all topics from trends to methods, tools and digitalization, we’ve no reached the last part of our sales performance management interview special with Mario Pufahl, CSO and sales expert at the ec4u. In this part, he describes how especially the marketing team can profit from marketing automation to help meet the demands of the sales team.

You can read here in the previous interview, why marketing automation generally is a good idea for lead management and sales.

„The customer is not king but a valuable business partner.“

The transcript of the interview part „predictive Marketing Automation part 3“:

How can MA help with a disproportionate sales and marketing teams?

Quite often, the marketing division in a company is quite small compared to the sales team. Usually, the sales division can cover hundreds of people opposed to a few marketing experts. I sometimes feel sorry for the few marketing employees who have to face hundreds of sales colleagues, there demands and wishes. It’s nearly impossible to fulfill all those demands. That’s why marketing automation is pretty much necessary to increase and scale efficiencies, so that the marketing employees don’t have to deal with time-consuming repetitive tasks and can concentrate on the things that really require their expertise: How can you design marketing and communication?

And it is possible to use external services by other providers. For example, we offer to design whole campaigns with our customers. We also offer to operate the complete marketing automation and online campaigns for them. To reduce the risk, we have payment models that only account for every gained lead.  That way, our customers have a big chance of scaling their marketing to create a balance between the small marketing team and the huge sales units.

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