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Systematic control remains the topic in this part of our series of interviews „Sales Performance Management“. Mario Pufahl, CSO of ec4u, will show you the advantages of transparent and measurable performances and he will talk about his SPM methodology.

„Transparency can help improving sales performance.“

The transcript of the interview part „systematic control part 2“:

What advantages do you have with transparent and measurable performances?

Performances should certainly be systematized, standardized, transparent and measurable. Transparency sometimes sounds negative to individual employees. However, you can only improve sales performance in a sales team if you address particularly good or bad performances. There are concepts, like „Chase the Leader“ , in which your employees can follow the top sales representatives. You need to pick out these top employees, so that they can serve as role models. Mediocre employees who are neither especially good or bad, should get the chance to develop their own skills and follow those top performers. Your employees can develop further with support and they can become top performers as well. Therefore, it is an essential prerequisite to make performance transparent, measurable and comparable.

Does this transparency also apply to managers?

The manager’s performance is the first thing that should be made transparent. But that’s usually not the case. The model character should be crucial. If you want your employees to reach certain goals, then you as the leader should reach your goals as well.
To improve performances, it is important that you as the manager can show success. Nowadays, experience is very important. However, what you have achieved in the past does normally not affect the present. When sales is changing (e.g. with social selling), a veteran sales employee is not necessarily better in modern sales than a young employee, who has only been here for three years. In the end, what matters is the turnover, the income and developing potentials.

Is it possible to improve sales performance with your SPM methodology?

My Sales Performance Management methodology can be partially compared to a cookbook. It contains recipes for improving sales performance. Naturally, other methodologies can also be used for improving sales performances. It is significant, however, that you think about an approach first and that you fall back on reliable methodologies.
SPM has proven itself in (international) companies with over a billion US-dollar turnover. But you can use the SPM methodology for smaller companies as well. You can also take out single snippets or packages from SPM to solve a particular problem. Guidelines and support will help you further. The most important things are „Best Practices“. Using already proven methods to maximize performance for your own sales.

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