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More and more companies implement CRM software but what do they want from their CRM vendors?

In the German Trovarit survey „CRM in Praxis“, companies get asked bi-annually how they use CRM and what they think of their current CRM software. On average, companies are satisfied with their software and also consider the cooperation with vendors good to adequate.

However, the study gets interesting when compared to its results from 2017 (PDF). Usability was the topmost important aspect of CRM back in 2017, followed by mobile CRM. In 2020, however, compliance and legal regulations are placed first (moved from third in 2017). Apparently, the changes of the GDPR have had an impact on how companies deal with data and how much importance they put on compliance in general.

Cloud-based CRM gains popularity

Cloud-based software established itself newly on third place, even though it’s been on the minds of companies for years, according to our own surveys. Since cloud-based software usually offers better ways for mobile work as well as innovative solutions, apps and features, it seems only logical that more companies consider migrating their on-premise solutions into the cloud. Another positive result of the survey is the fact that Customer Experience Management went from 8th to 6th place in the list of priorities.

However, 8% of all participants have no idea what Customer Experience Management is. Another neglected topic is Social Media as well as Self-Service. I am inclined to interpret their low ranking due to the fact that especially Germany is only slowly discovering that Social Media is an important channel for not only marketing but service and sales as well.

CRM-standards meet individualization

According to Trovarit, most companies have problems with mobile use, web forms and their analysis as well as general flexibility and compatibility. CRM-systems are supposed to grow with a company, which is also the result of the „CRM-Monitor 2019“ by Adito. Close to 80% of all participants say that their CRM is not connected enough to their other systems.


of all companies want a standardized platform that can be individualized in certain areas.

Many companies are not happy with the core functions of the out-of-the-box-offerings and therefore want further individual apps and solutions to cover their needs. Another alarming result of the Adito-study is that only 20% of all companies have data available in their CRM system from other systems. This means that four out of five companies don’t have the proper APIs to connect all their systems with each other and gain from each system’s insight.

The best of both CRM worlds

Companies want a CRM that can be implemented fast which a cloud-based out-of-the-box-solution provides. However, they also want a CRM-system that offers enough APIs, partners and possibilities to complement the standard solution with individual features and apps.

Every company has different needs and processes as well as priorities regarding sales, marketing and service. Developing unique apps and individualizing functionalities should be part of the CRM toolkit.

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