20 customer journey studies and best practices

Customer journey management is not just a new buzzword for CRM but instead creates processes that are customer-centric. How does it work, what do you need and what can your company gain?  

How to address customers – the „subtle“ differences between B2B and B2C (part 2)

In the first part of our blog article, we talked about the challenges of customer communication in B2B. To be fair, today, we’ll have a look at B2C customers. B2C communication: go fishing B2C customers can be described as follows. They: make impulse purchases require more marketing effort generate less profit than B2B customers, but […]

How to address customers – the differences between B2B and B2C (part 1)

Sometimes, addressing customers in B2B and B2C couldn’t be any more different. While B2B communication heavily depends on sales activities, addressing customers in B2C is rather a question of applying adequate marketing tactics. Knowing the differences and similarities of these communication approaches is crucial for conversion and customer loyalty. Dear readers, when I said “heavily […]

B2B vs. B2C customer approach – what’s the difference?

Occasionally I find suggestions on the internet concerning the different customer approaches in B2B and B2C. It is often argued that B2B companies want to be informed about relevant content rather matter-of-fact and in an unemotional way. B2C companies on the other hand are said to prefer information with a personal and emotional touch. Isn’t […]

The hottest marketing trends 2015

Last week the Marketing Nation Summit 2015 – one of the world’s largest marketing events – was held in California.  More than 7.000 people were pouring into the event this year, compared to only 1.500 visitors two years ago. This rapid increase indicates how relevant the latest technologies and integrated processes have become for marketing.