Customer relationship management software is mainly known as a customer database, but a good CRM system can do a lot more.

In the CRM or sales environment, the term „CPQ“ is being used more and more frequently, but what exactly is behind it and why and how is it used?

Both forkThe correct use of sales tools is the basis of successful sales work according to LinkedIn’s „State of Sales“ report. But what tools lead the way?

With large CRM projects, it is not always a question of deciding whether to implement a CRM. Often a migration to a new system is pending. But why would companies want to change their systems?

More and more companies implement CRM software but what do they want from their CRM vendors?

More and more companies decide to implement a CRM system. But proper customer relationship management needs a software that can do it all.

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The digital transformation is not possible without cloud computing, that’s a fact. But there’s still companies who are not sure whether they should adapt to the cloud.

A CRM project is complex and covers many business units and stakeholders. If you want to prevent failure, you have to take common pitfalls into account. Our Swiss CEO Martin Stadelmann explains in this guest entry, how to overcome or completely avoid the biggest challenges.