3 alternatives for cold calling

The cold call was the sales method number one for years. The customer got a call (seemingly out of nowhere) to get convinced of a certain product or service. With today’s number recognition and digital communication channels, the method seems to have overstayed its welcome.

4 marketing automation applications to optimize your customer communication

Marketing automation is one of the key elements to create customer communication that is effective, flexible and personal. Especially automated email marketing strategies are working wonders for individual customer interactions.

Digital Transformation in telecommunications – an expert-interview

Since 2014, Carsten Stuwe is working for ec4u expert consulting ag as a consultant in the field of Oracle/Siebel. We asked him some questions about Digital Transformation in telecommunications projects.

Customer Support: don’t forget your social media channels

Social Media is one of the most popular marketing tools of the digital customer journey. Furthermore, to run a social media channel, you don’t need a big budget. So why not use it for more than just marketing?

Telecommunications – an interview

Ralf Kalmes is Director Professional Services at ec4u expert consulting ag and responsible for the telecommunications business. He has been with ec4u for 11 years already. We asked him some questions about this topic.

Amazon Dash Button restricts the Customer Experience

We often hear that the classic “brand awareness” is history and that modern companies should focus on the customer rather than the product. But is that right? Ordering with the Internet of Things at the push of a button The Amazon Dash Button is so simple, that there is hardly any tech company, who wouldn’t […]

Uplift Modeling – Next Level Customer Communication

You are working hard to provide your customers with relevant information. The response rate of your marketing activities is largely positive and the ROI meets the expectations of the management. So, everything’s fine? No, not necessarily. Presumably, you are giving away valuable potential in customer communication. Have you ever thought about the fact that some […]

CRM vs. Customer Journey – an interview

Jens Treuner is working as a Managing Consultant with ec4u expert consulting ag in Karlsruhe. Most of the time, he works on customer projects with renowned enterprises from Germany and Switzerland, helping them with digitization and CRM projects. We asked him some questions about this topic.

How to address customers – the „subtle“ differences between B2B and B2C (part 2)

In the first part of our blog article, we talked about the challenges of customer communication in B2B. To be fair, today, we’ll have a look at B2C customers. B2C communication: go fishing B2C customers can be described as follows. They: make impulse purchases require more marketing effort generate less profit than B2B customers, but […]

How to address customers – the differences between B2B and B2C (part 1)

Sometimes, addressing customers in B2B and B2C couldn’t be any more different. While B2B communication heavily depends on sales activities, addressing customers in B2C is rather a question of applying adequate marketing tactics. Knowing the differences and similarities of these communication approaches is crucial for conversion and customer loyalty. Dear readers, when I said “heavily […]