Customer Support: don’t forget your social media channels

Social Media is one of the most popular marketing tools of the digital customer journey. Furthermore, to run a social media channel, you don’t need a big budget. So why not use it for more than just marketing?

Amazon Dash Button restricts the Customer Experience

We often hear that the classic “brand awareness” is history and that modern companies should focus on the customer rather than the product. But is that right?

Optimizing the Customer Journey in an Example of a Supermarket Queue

Whether you do your weekly grocery shopping or go on the daily hunt for fresh fruit and vegetables, or simply need a beverage for a trip – eventually, everyone ends up in the supermarket queue. And the only thing to do there is: waiting.

The “Moment that Matters” along the Customer Journey

When attending a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop  recently, I learned a very interesting and revealing lesson: not every touchpoint is equal and not every touchpoint has the same relevance for individual customers. These kind of workshops outline, analyze and in the end try to optimize an exemplary customer journey of a client.