Content is King: Do you write your SEO text solely for Google?

Content is King was my predicting message at the beginning of this series, and then the article on content is to be found at the very end. But knowing that article spinning, keywords and links make SEO-enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster, and content is often seen as the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, I wanted to discuss these […]

Content is King: Are external links harmful for SEO?

Anyone who writes a company blog shies away from external links due to the risk of getting penalized by Google. But is this a justified concern or do link recommendations actually have  significant benefits?

Content is King: What’s the magic number of keywords for your article?

In my blog this week I’d like to discuss the question whether a great number of keywords automatically has a positive impact on rankings, and why keyword research is only necessary, if writers do not set high quality standards for themselves in terms of creating texts.

Content is King: Is article spinning the “silver bullet” for search rankings?

It’s no easy task to write a captivating article. 800 words including keyword search require more than half an hour of your time, so anyone who wants to create an entertaining and informative piece of content for their readers must give the matter some serious thought.

Content is King: Does hidden SEO text affect your site rankings?

In our new blog series, editor Juliane Waack points out the most significant features of good SEO and why some SEO practices cause more harm than good. “Content is King” is a powerful slogan making many SEO experts and marketing specialists believe that any website benefits from as much content as possible. Especially SEO text, […]

Getting your customer touchpoints right – part II

In my last blog I already talked about the meaningful role the customer journey plays in modern marketing. Along this journey – from the first awareness stage right up to the product purchase – a customer takes several stops at so-called customer touchpoints where he gets in touch with a product or brand. Contrary to […]