Both forkThe correct use of sales tools is the basis of successful sales work according to LinkedIn’s „State of Sales“ report. But what tools lead the way?

What drives customers to stay loyal to a company, especially when it comes to service needs? In a recent survey, Gartner asked customers when they are more likely to stay.

In Salesforce’s latest State of Marketing report, the company asked marketers about the trends, challenges, and focus of their work. One of the newer business drivers is innovation.


With the growth of digital channels, the amount of communication channels for sales is also growing. The boundaries between inside and outside sales are becoming increasingly blurred.


When we talk about marketing, often, only the B2C customer is implied. But the influence of marketing on the success of a company and its sales pipeline is growing for B2B businesses.


The cultural and digital transformation also impacts the behavior of B2B customers. If we look at current studies and how B2B customers act throughout their buying cycle it shows: times have changed.

The stationary trade has long feared that due to the growing number of digital channels customers will turn their back to traditional brick & mortar stores. But many customers use online channels as starting point for all their product researches.


More than 250 marketers took part in a study by Ascend2 and gave their input on email marketing strategies. One email format tops them all.

One of the biggest challenges in modern sales is the evolution of customer communication. More and more digital conversations are asynchronous which makes the „right moment“ to make a sell hard to detect.

Since a few years now, CSO Insights releases an annual report on sales performances. This year, around 900 sales executives were surveyed all around the globe. We wrote about the most interesting findings.