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Ralf Kalmes is Director Professional Services at ec4u expert consulting ag and responsible for the telecommunications business. He has been with ec4u for 11 years already. We asked him some questions about this topic.

Telecommunication customers need relevant information

Hello Ralf. What does the customer journey in the telecommunications industry look like?

As a telecommunications customer, you basically go through the entire customer journey. It starts with gathering information: Who is on the market? What are the products available? If I want to renew my phone contract and get a new phone like the latest iPhone, I may use social media, ask friends or other contacts in order to gather information. Then I may contact a call center, let them send me an offer and compare it with others. For the contract, I may use a different channel. Of course, I also want to be advised on possible improvements with my contract. I don’t want to have the same contract for five years, instead I want a new phone every two years and a contract with better conditions like more data volume.

New and old technologies meet in the future of the telecommunication market

What does the fRA_KAuture of the telecommunication market look like?

The goal of telecommunications provider is, of course, the comprehensive provision of their services to end-customers. For the final customers, this means that they can make phone calls and use mobile internet no matter where they are, and big cities will provide free WiFi everywhere. Connecting things is definitely a hot topic at the moment. The “Internet of Things” will be further developed and the telecommunications providers have definitely a foot in the door in this regard. It’s all about connecting different things such as fridges, cars and roller shutters. We are not only talking about controlling these devices remotely but also about automatic orders when, for example, something is missing in my fridge. Someone would buy it for me and deliver it right to my place. This way, I wouldn’t have to leave my workplace and still have a full fridge when I get back home without having done anything.

The „Internet of Things“ is all about connecting different things

What does digital transformation mean for the telecommunications industry?

For end customers, digital transformation means that they can get in touch with a company via different channels. For example, when I decide to buy a new phone, I may research information on my mobile, then pass on to Facebook or other social networks to see what my friends think about specific products. And I can also use channels such a call center. The provider has all the data about me and, this way, I can continue my customer journey.

What is the status quo of digitization within the telecommunications industry?

Especially large telecommunication companies deal very much with digitization and IP transformation. For the end-customer, issues such as data encryption and security are very important. Thanks to digitization, we can offer customers a whole new range of services and, of course, they can provide their customers new offerings, too.       

What makes ec4u a strong partner for the telecommunications industry?

ec4u has been working with telecommunications customers for more than 15 years, so without exaggeration, I would say that among our customers are the most renowned telecommunication companies of Europe. We have profound experience with dealing with telco customers, we know what they want. In the past 15 years, we generated more than half of our revenue in the telco industry. So, we know the processes, the customers and their needs. This also gives as the opportunity to provide the customer end-to-end consulting, ranging from project-related issues, via processes and implementation through to testing, support and training.

Thank you, Ralf.

The information and decision-making behavior of private buyers and buying centers in the commercial sector has changed dramatically.
Before a potential buyer comes forward and requests details from a vendor, frequently they are informed extensively from the Internet and requirements have already been formulated. If you you want to know why Integrated Lead Management is enormously important for companies, feel free to read the White Paper „Better leads for your sales team“ on the link below.

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