Your moment that matters should point customers forward

When attending a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop  recently, I learned a very interesting and revealing lesson: not every touchpoint is equal and not every touchpoint has the same relevance for individual customers.

These kind of workshops outline, analyze and in the end try to optimize an exemplary customer journey of a client.

From touchpoint to touchpoint: a use case

Split in groups, we reflected on the various stages of a customer journey. In concrete terms, we worked on the customer journey of a young American woman, who aimed at getting from A to B by renting a trendy and at the same time cost-effective car. In order to achieve her goal, she used numerous touchpoints with the rental car company. This included both, touchpoints which could be influenced directly by the car enterprise, and touchpoints which could only be influenced indirectly.

At first glance the challenge of getting a rental car for your weekend trip seems to be an easy one.
Well, the emphasis here is on the term “first glance”. In my group we addressed the overall process from acquisition stage and its associated touchpoints up to the final decision on a specific rental car company.

Naturally, the company chosen paid much attention to factors like a good ranking in Google. Obviously also important to them was a well presented website and a wide-ranging vehicle fleet. But the real crucial point, the “moment that matters”, lay elsewhere.

Finding the “moment that matters“

The moment that matters might appear vanishing small and insignificant, but it results in shopping basket cancellations that every provider surely is confronted with again and again – something that could have been easily prevented.

As this process lacks one fundamental matter: transparency.
When the young woman in our example had chosen a vehicle, she was asked to fill in a form with her personal data, as is usual. After the confirmation of the entered data, she was requested to download an app and enter her data again before being able to complete the transaction.

The emotions this request evoked in her are easy to guess:
Astonishment, impatience, doubt and absolute incomprehension, why for heaven’s sake she would have to download the app and, even worse, enter all her personal data again.

All the emotions described do not bode well and surely do not contribute to a customer’s buying decision, nor to his recommendation of a service or product.

Yet, a clear reference to the app at the very beginning of the buying process or a brief step-by-step guide could have done wonders.

You are still waiting for the answer to my findings?
Well, sometimes it’s the small and seemingly unimportant things, such as a reference to the process flow of an online order (i.e. transparency), which can make the difference.

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