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Both forkThe correct use of sales tools is the basis of successful sales work according to LinkedIn’s „State of Sales“ report. But what tools lead the way?

According to the report, among the surveyed sales reps, the top more often use corporate communication tools (+16%), sales intelligence (+8%) and (LinkedIn’s) social selling tools (+14%). The latter, admittedly, is probably also due to the fact that LinkedIn conducted the survey. But in general it can be concluded that Social Selling has a great leverage effect in sales.

LinkedIn identifies different types of tools that support sales


ProzesseThe CRM system is the basis of successful sales. For B2B and B2C companies, CRM systems can link marketing, sales and service to collect, analyze and work with data. It can function as a central database but also connect workflows from different business units. Individual dashboards and automated reports help with decision processes and priorities from the everyday routine to big decisions.

Ideally, the system already contains functions such as sales intelligence, collaboration and social selling or offers APIs to other systems.

Sales Intelligence

bigdata_iconThe use of artificial intelligence is already making everyday sales easier, for example by using smart systems to mark particularly exciting opportunities, report customers in danger of leaving or suggest campaigns for individual leads. Sales Intelligence comprises such a wide range of functions that virtually every sales department can benefit from it.

Social Selling

SocialMedia_iconInteractions with leads and customers are increasingly taking place on social media channels, where relationships can be established or consolidated. Due to fewer numbers of physical events this year, social media channels offered an opportunity to start a conversation. Sales repcs can make new contacts or find and respond to interesting information about existing contacts. Meanwhile, social selling tools help the sales rep to structure all contacts and their networks, identify opportunities and thus collect important information long before the „official“ lead generation.

Enterprise Communication

communicate_iconInternal communication is a somewhat neglected topic, certainly also because the term does not only refer to communication channels such as chat or e-mail, but also describes the overview, filing and sharing of important information and documents. The more transparent information can be shared within the company, the easier the sales work in everyday life will be. In addition, customer problems can be solved faster if all communication processes run in one interface. A CRM system that maps and enables both e-mail and internal chats reduces the amount of time needed for any type of processes and enables quick feedback to customers.

Find out more what modern sales tools can do for your sales team. On our information page, we introduce the many different tools and functionalities to help you with your daily activities. 

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