Good content: Anything you write should mainly be for your readers not for Google

In our last contribution to our content series on SEO strategies we are providing tips on how to write a good SEO text with added value for your customer.

You should present proposals, check your product environment and find out what challenges your potential users might have.Write about it. Try to see the bigger picture and don’t put your product too much in focus, but do talk about it often enough.

How to write good content

Added value emerges, if your reader lands on your website with a concrete request for information or interest in your product, and then, after reading your text, does not turn to Google to search for better answers.

So make sure to use your headline not only to place keywords, but also to raise certain expectations and interests with your potential reader. This is of course only possible, if you can eventually fulfill these expectations in your text.

Do not use too many repetitions, especially when it comes to the product name or any specific keywords. Naturally one cannot help but use certain words more often than others in longer texts (after all, the word SEO can be found 31 times since the beginning of this blog series).

Hell is repetition: your readers are no Google crawlers

But when you try to use the same keyword or product name 2-3 times in one sentence, the reader has less confidence in the quality of your article, suggesting that your goal focuses less on providing a practical guide, but rather on a sales pitch (even, if this holds true, the reader should never have the feeling of being sold).

Take a deep dive into research, evaluate market studies and analyses, give best practice examples, and provide recommendations with a clear call-to-action. (Don’t: “Write good articles”, do: “3 tips on how to write good articles”).

In short, write an article that you would love to read yourself. Don’t shy away from longer texts – although there used to be the saying that readers would escape, if a text consisted of more than 500 words, they will demonstrate more endurance, if your article is of high quality and beneficial regarding his issues. (A fact also confirmed by the Searchmetrics analysis).

In the end, ask yourself the question over and over again: would I be satisfied with this offering? It is still the reader who decides, if content really is king.

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