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Modern Customer Experience centered around content optimisation and channel alignment

Last week, the Modern Marketing Experience – hosted by Oracle – was held in Las Vegas. Over three days the world’s leading marketing professionals caught up with the latest trends in Modern Marketing. In parallel, the IT giant organised several other conferences on the topics of Sales, Service and Commerce. For the first time ever a customer event was centered around the complete application portfolio.

Modern Marketing Experience: Customer Experience from a CEO’s perspective

Reason enough for Mark Hurd, Co-CEO of Oracle Corporation, to open the conference in person. In a vivid presentation, he described the subject Customer Experience from a CEO’s perspective.

Any business leader is constantly worried about the performance of his company, and therefore focusing on short-term objectives to achieve his strategic goals in the long run. After all, short-term revenue allows for long-term growth. Hurd offered an interesting approach on that by comparing actual IT expenses of consumers and companies. While today’s consumers spend five times as much money on information technology than 10 years ago the IT expenses of companies have stagnated over the same period of time. Consumers increasingly invest in mobile applications that facilitate a far more demanding interaction through smartphones.

For today’s generation of 20-to 30-somethings it is now perfectly natural to get in touch with the customer service of mobile service providers or travel agencies via twitter to get help. Also, the number of communication channels in use is surging – often closely linked to the demand for better customer service and an optimized customer experience.

What does this shift mean for businesses?

In an era of growing competition only those will be able to survive, who continuously invest in their communication channels. Hurd’s argument was illustrated by further comparisons:

Only 30% of America’s Top 500 companies which were originally listed in 1990, are still included in today‘s ranking. Mergers and acquisitions, but also and above all, elimination by young and innovative businesses are the main causes for this shift. Companies must face the changing times by embracing the new digital world and by extending the number of channels and finely tuning them to each other for their customer communications. That is the only way to ensure the best possible customer experience.

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